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Original Song Titles

  • Prayer Of Salvation
    Prayer: Prayer Of Salvation

  • Prayer to be Healed from all Sicknesses and Diseases
    Prayer To Be Healed From All Sickness and Diseases

  • Crash and Burn
    Crash and Burn is about a woman that is sick and tired of catching her man cheating therefore she chooses an extreme way to jettison the relationship, which is to Crash and Burn and lose her mind than to find him in another woman's arms again and hear hi

  • Elevator
    Elevator is a song about a woman who has a burning desire to become intimate with a man upon his Elevator while exploring all floors

  • My Story
    "My Story" is about the assurance by God's word that your story isn't finished but its a new beginning, a fresh start because Jesus is in it.It's not over because its being customized by the hand of Jehovah God Himself. Read more at http://investinm

  • Forever You Are
    Forever We Love: Is a romantic song about a man cherishing the love of his life for a thousand lifetimes.

  • You Fanatic
    You Fanatic: A fun retro feel song about a female being fanatically in LOVE with the guy of her dreams.

  • Sick Is What I Got
    No Song Description..

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