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Original Song Titles

  • Triple Terrific
    Triple Terrific is a song about a man infatuation and crazed feelings for the woman of his dreams in which he describes her as truly incredible and more than awesome.

  • Baby Doll
    Baby Dolly is a song about a man's love for a woman which causes his heart to flutter every time she's around.

  • Chip On My Shoulder
    Chip On My Shoulder is a song about a woman who's sick and tired of perpetual heartbreak and from the future standpoint when dating men, she's going to always have an axe to grind.

  • Boots In The Air
    Boots In The Air is a fun country song about partying and letting yourself go without regrets

  • My Commitment
    My Commitment is a song about a man that vows to love his woman forever but assures her that if he ever lies to her and becomes unfaithful, he'd rather die than to live a life of betrayal.

  • Pistol Of A Woman
    Pistol Of A Woman is a song about a hot headed woman that is over the top but her looks have men hypnotized and she's able to get her way because of her beauty.

  • Still Your Fool
    Still Your Fool is a song about a man who despite being treated badly and cheated on by his woman is hooked by her MOJO.

  • Many Storms
    Many Storms is a song about the various ups and downs in a relationship that brings happy endings instead of burnt bridges.

  • Never Kiss and Tell
    Never Kiss and Tell is a song about a man secret indiscretion and he is bent on not letting his left hand know what his right hand is doing.

  • Stolen Water Is Sweet
    Stolen Water Is Sweet is a song about tasting the nectar from someone else's love.

  • I Gave Forgiveness Another Try
    I Gave Forgiveness Another Try is a song about giving a second chance on love.

  • Still Believe
    Still Believe is a song about a man on his death bed after an accident that holds on to his faith despite clouds of doubt from others relating to his survival.

  • I Like What I Like
    I Like What I Like is a song about a man doing it his way and liking the things he likes while not conforming to what other think he should like.

  • My Hearts Song
    My Hearts Song is a song about a man expressing that the woman he loves means the world to him and her every breath is a song to his heart

  • American Born
    American Born is a song about pride, country, old glory and what we stand for.

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