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Original Song Titles

  • Take It There
    Take It There is a song about two people in love and both mutually agree to take the relationship to the next level.

  • Breath In The Wind
    Breath In The Wind is a song about feeling the presence, breaths and whispers of lost loved ones journeying throughout the atmosphere.

  • It Takes A Fool
    It Takes A Fool is a song about a man calling himself a fool to love again after being heartbroken so many times.

  • Happily Never After
    Happily Never After is a song about a relationship starting off with promise but ending with regrets.

  • Let Me Go
    Let Me Go is a song about a woman not loving her ex anymore, therefore she wants him to let her go.

  • 15 Layers
    15 Layers is a song about having 15 people to infiltrate before getting to the Don.

  • See You Again
    See You Again is a song about losing a loved one believing to see them again in the afterlife

  • Gully Rich Money
    Gully Rich Money is a song about being hood rich and making sports stars money.

  • Tap Out
    Tap Out is a song about knocking out the competition whether it be sports, rap battles etc

  • Hate The Game
    Hate The Game is a song about putting haters in check because of their envious attitude towards others successes.

  • Game face
    Game Face is a song about getting amped up for your opponent.

  • Love Me Forever
    Love Me Forever is a song about a man loving a woman and he desires their love to last forever.

  • Kisses Are Forever
    Kisses Are Forever is a song about the kiss of a lifetime that bonds two lovers forever.

  • So Many Tears
    So Many Tears is a song about two broken hearts from different relationships coming together as one and the idea of finding true love after bad breakups causes tears of joy.

  • Hot Is Your Body
    Hot Is Your Body is a song about the attraction to the male or female body that causes stem to come out your ears.

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