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Original Song Titles

  • Whistle Papi
    Whistle Papi is a song about men whistling at hot women and the women like the attention.

  • Endless Forever's
    Endless Forever's is a song about forever love, forever bliss.

  • Unexpected Love
    Unexpected Love is a song about two acquaintances that never imagined they would fall in love.

  • Silent As A Whisper
    Silent As A Whisper is a song about tranquility in the midst of a storm.

  • Kiss The Moon
    Kiss The Moon is a song about kissing the middle of your palm and blowing a kiss to the moon before you fall asleep.

  • Misty Meadow
    Misty Meadow is a song about that summer morning moisture in the countryside.

  • Lilly In The Field
    Lilly In The Field is a song about a standalone Lilly in a field amongst various beautiful flowers.

  • Above The Clouds
    Above The Clouds is a song about losing a loved one or special person too soon, which have gone home to heaven and the hope is to see them again.

  • God Is My Judge Alone
    God Is My Judge Alone is a song about not judging another person because God is the only judge of us all and He alone sits on the throne.

  • My Heart Reveals
    My Heart Reveals is a song about a woman that is in love with the man of her dreams and despite being hurt in past relationships, she totally opens her heart and soul to let him in.

  • This Moment
    This Moment is a song about a man and woman who has awaited all their lives for the special moment of marriage and finally it happened according to both their dreams.

  • Pins and Needles
    Pins and Needles is a song about a love relationship gone awry which ended in a woman's broken heart that was filled with the Pins and Needles of betrayal.

  • Rain Fall Down
    Rain Fall Down is a song about a relationship not going as expected.The hopes are that the rain falls down and wash away the pains of a broken heart and to awaken from a bad dream to a rainbows end

  • Glorify Your Name
    Glorify Your Name is a song about glorifying,praising and exalting the Holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Before Your Prayer Can Be Heard
    Prayer: Before Your Prayer Can Be Heard By The True and Living God Jehovah

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