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  • 10 Long Days is a song about anticipating a long awaited wedding day

  • Ultimate Sacrifice is a song about making a commitment to prove your love to another

  • Walls is a song about the many obstacles one faces but eventually find a wall that can be climbed.

  • Shredded Letters is a song about a woman scorned because of broken promises.

  • Lets Rave is a song about partying until the sun come out, until the dance floor caves in.

  • Uncover My Eyes is a song about a woman finally feeling free after a blinding relationship.

  • Cali Fornia is a song about having fun in the sun, sunroof down and beach bound.

  • Pretty Little Liar is a song about a pretty woman that lies repeatedly, but in a stupid way its kind of cute.

  • Since I Was 17 is songs about a female experiencing love at an older age that she hasn't felt since 17.

  • More Than Words is a song about showing love through actions and not just through words.

  • Sacrificed For Love is a song about two people giving up certain lifestyles in order to love each other exclusively.

  • Smile is a song about people giving out an infectious smile so that the smile fever can't infect the world to bring about a joyous world.

  • Unsaid is a song about not always speaking your mind when you have the urge to express yourself.

  • Pins and Needles is a song about a love relationship gone awry which ended in a woman's broken heart that was filled with the Pins and Needles of betrayal.

  • Rain Fall Down is a song about a relationship not going as expected.The hopes are that the rain falls down and wash away the pains of a broken heart and to awaken from a bad dream to a rainbows end

  • Crash and Burn is about a woman that is sick and tired of catching her man cheating therefore she chooses an extreme way to jettison the relationship, which is to Crash and Burn and lose her mind than to find him in another woman's arms again and hear hi

  • Elevator is a song about a woman who has a burning desire to become intimate with a man upon his Elevator while exploring all floors

  • You Fanatic: A fun retro feel song about a female being fanatically in LOVE with the guy of her dreams.

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