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  • God Is My Judge Alone is a song about not allowing people to define or judge you but trusting that God is the only righteous Judge.

  • Miracle In You is a song about realizing there is a miracle in you by the birth of the Holy Spirit.

  • He Will Manifest is a song about God bringing His promises to completion in your life.

  • Rest In Your Peace is a song about resting in the peace of Jesus the Prince of Peace.

  • He's Coming Soon is a song about the return of Christ to Rapture the church

  • God Is My Judge Alone is a song about not judging another person because God is the only judge of us all and He alone sits on the throne.

  • Glorify Your Name is a song about glorifying,praising and exalting the Holy name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • "My Story" is about the assurance by God's word that your story isn't finished but its a new beginning, a fresh start because Jesus is in it.It's not over because its being customized by the hand of Jehovah God Himself. Read more at http://investinm

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