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Terms and Conditions

1) The song titles and music that will accompany the "Original Song Titled-Songs" are 100% original and are the property of InvestInMusis, LLC.

2)The royalty shares purchased are granted solely to the original purchaser (investor) of the product. The royalty shares and copyrights are transferable or saleable with the proper signed copyright transferable documents.

3)The transfer of royalty percentage shares or copyright ownership without proper signed transferable documents is a violation of the Terms and Conditions of use and applicable laws of the United States, and other countries. Copyright infringement will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

By investing in royalty percentage shares in "Original Song Titled-Songs" through InvestInMusic.Biz, you become bound to the terms of this agreement.

1)The songwriters royalty shares sold by InvestInMusic.Biz remain the property of InvestInMusic at all times, with the exception of the 20% portion of songwriters’ royalties rendered for investment. The 20% offered to investors are sold, not licensed; therefore the investor maintains lifetime ownership in a proportional royalty share and copyright of the songwriter’s portion of the "Original Song Titled-Song" so long as the investor abides by the rules expressed in this agreement.

2) It is unequivocally understood and mutually agreed that the individual that invest in "Original Song Titled-Songs" through InvestInMusic.Biz maintains ownership rights of the royalty shares purchased and copyright ownership commensurate with shares purchased. InvestInMusic, LLC the owners of the 80% of the songwriters portion and the remainder of the songwriter’s portion that was not purchased for a particular song title. InvestInMusic, LLC also owned 100% of publishing per "Original Song Titled-Song."


By purchasing royalty percentage shares in "Original Song Titled-Songs," through website, you are granting InvestInMusic.Biz, LLC the right to write, produce, record, professionally engineer and master your selected original song to a recording industry standard. Investors should know that the recording process doesn’t begin for their selected song until there is at least 6% vested out of the 20% per “Song Title.”

InvestInMusic.Biz, LLC reserves the right to write and musically produce each Original Song Titled-Song in anyway seen fit in order to improve it chances of success and longevity in the music marketplace. InvestInMusic.Biz, LLC songwriters and music producers will produce songs that have hit potential, with chart staying power but steers away from language deemed offensive or unsuitable for its investors and listeners.

After the recording session for the invested "Song Title" has begun, the investor should allow 30 days to receive a 60 second snippet of the completed version of the vested song for reference purposes, which will also be uploaded on the "Song Title" page. InvestInMusic.Biz, LLC is not responsible for notifying the investor of any of the deals that are made on investor's behalf in regards to licensing the vested song(s) but investor(s) will receive royalty checks from the Performance Rights Organization(s) they register with and select to disperse their songwriter’s royalties.

Refund Policy
Due to copyright infringement laws, all investment sales are final. We encourage all customers to do their due diligence and double check the product and read the product descriptions before purchasing any "Original Song Titled-Song" to ensure that you are purchasing the product and genre that best fits your needs.

Credit Card
All credit card transactions will be made through our secured partnering network, PayPal. Please be assured that both your identity and personal information will be protected. We do not sell or give your information to anyone for any reason.

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